Thursday, October 29, 2009

Local Business: Reggie's Hot Grill

I woke up this morning, noodled on the net for a while, and then decided to go to Reggie's Hot Grill for breakfast.

Reggie's Hot Grill is on Hunter St. in East City. It was opened up this summer by the guys who own the Reggie's chip-and-burger stand out by Trent University on the shores of the Otonabee. They get business the fair months of the year from users of the Rotary Trail (bikers, hikers, roller-bladers, and strollers) and visitors/students to the university. They serve great burgers and some of the crispest fries anywhere.

Their East City branch will run year-round. They serve burgers, hot sandwiches, regular fries, sweet potato fries, and basic salads. The place is really busy at lunch time since the only other places where you can get lunch on that part of Hunter St. are a sushi place (another locally owned place), Tim Horton's and Subway. Tradesmen working in the area stop in as do groups of ladies doing lunch, senior couples, and groups of teen-agers. They're also open in the evening. My husband and I had supper there one night.

They started to serve breakfast in October. They had a free coffee day last week and I enquired about the breakfast. They didn't have a printed menu yet. Today they still didn't have a printed menu, but they did list their breakfast choices on a couple of blackboards. They were offering free coffee and a hashbrown potato patty with their breakfast sandwiches and wraps and there was also a basket of local apples on the menu counter. They get their coffee from a local roaster, so it was quite good. A lot of their sandwiches had cheese in them, which I can't eat, but I got their BLT on a bagel which I liked. The lettuce was a firm green Romaine and the tomato was thick and ripe. No way that Tim Horton's can compete.

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  1. Hi Annet,
    Thanks for writing about us.
    Next time you come in for breakfast just ask us for "no cheese" because all our sandwiches are made to order!
    - Reggie's