Friday, January 1, 2010

Hoped For Heights in 2010

This is the first day of January, customary for resolutions and predictions. I'm not much for either, but there are things I hope to do/experience/work for in 2010:
  • my first grape harvest from my vines
  • more elderberries
  • more black raspberries
  • more kayaking: the Otonabee from Peterborough to Rice Lake, going through some of the Trent-Severn locks, Lake Tahoe, inside the Outer Barrier Islands of North Carolina, anywhere in Colorado, somewhere near Myrtle Beach, anywhere in Virginia
  • using my electric bike for grocery market days in fair weather
  • closing off a root cellar space in our basement
  • set up a solar panel charging station for rechargable batteries
  • converting the boulevard in front of our house away from grass
  • insulating under the house (basement, crawl space)
  • installing storm doors
  • more decluttering!
  • exploring the possibility of bee-keeping
  • more carrots from the garden
  • more home-grown potatoes
  • a longer lettuce and greens season
  • more solar cooking
  • more solar dehydrating (if I get the sunshine!)
Notice all the "ing" words? That implies process -- now and into the future!

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