Monday, May 28, 2012

Rain -- At Last!

We've a dry few weeks -- only smatterings of rain.  Until today!  A real downpour with thunder and lightening.  So we found that the roof leak where the back room joins the kitchen is still there <>...

But I sweat the oldest planting of peas grew a foot today!  (I'm sure the warm temperatures helped too).

I've got four varieties of dried beans planted this year: red, black, pinto and Flagg.  Also more plants. Organic beans for soup and chili this winter, yea!  They are looking very healthy today.  I planted them just this week.  A tree came down on the "bean teepee" last fall, but we upcycled a neighbor's porch railing to an inverted V that beans can climb on.  I've still got the Early Risers to sprout in the green house yet.  Normally, I wait until the second week of June to put beans out, but the weather's been so warm this spring, I started them early, got them beyond the tender stage that some local bugs just love, and now they're out happily growing beyond their second set of leaves.

The weather is supposed to cool down a bit over the next week or so and we'll get some decent train too.  But I'm not regretting my mulch efforts one bit!

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