Thursday, September 6, 2012

Drying Beets

These dried in less than twelve hours in my electric dehydrator -- do it overnight while the power rates are low here in Ontario!

Wash your beets but leave roots and up to two inches of top intact so they don't bleed as much.
Place larger beets in the first layer in your pot and then place smaller ones on top. Cook until you can easily stick a knife into them. The smaller ones will cook quicker, so take those out first. Douse in cold water and slip the skins off.

Slice the beets horizontally 1/8 inch thick. You might want to cut large beets in half from top to bottom before slicing them. They shrink considerably as they dry, so if you want "chips" you'll want to have whole slices.

Lay them on your drying trays. Mine dried in less than twelve hours at 135 degrees F. I plan to use them for snacking, soups, and crushed for food colouring.

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