Thursday, May 25, 2017

Peterborough's Newest Pollinator Garden

Wow, a while since I've updated this!  ... 4 and half years!

Last year I joined a group called Peterborough Pollinators and helped started 2 pollinator gardens.  I also began putting in more pollinator plants in the gardens in front of my house -- which I expanded to include the boulevard.

2016 was a very dry summer. We gave up mowing the boulevard -- and I harvested lots of yarrow (for medicinal use as well as a bittering agent in artisan brewing).

Yesterday I helped put in a community pollinator garden on Pinewood.  Each ward in Peterborough got participatory budget funding for pollinator gardens and this is the first one we put in. The crew was led by Helene Denis and included myself, Drew Monkman, Janis, and Marcy (our designer) from Peterborough Pollinators, and well as Kim Zippel and several Pinewood community members.

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