Monday, November 16, 2009

Beads and Things

I've been periodically going through shelves upstairs, downstairs, in the pantry and in the back room and pulling things out, saying "I don't use this", "I don't need this"... "But someone else might!"

So I've been listing things on Freecycle lately. I stopped for a while because I was responding to first responders (probably lurkers with email on their cellphones) who were never able to pick stuff up and then I had to go to a later responder anyway who would be responsible and pick things up. I'm usually going with the later responder right up front now (like the radio or TV show that say "7th and 9th callers get the prize") and I'm liking the dealing a lot better. I'll post at night and check responses the next morning.

Things I've Freecycled in the past month:
  • a microwave rice cooker/vegetable steamer (I use my thermal cooker for rice now)
  • a waffle iron/sandwich griddle (older than our current waffle iron)
  • a bag of cookbooks that had been superceded by newer ones
  • a bundle of computer art books
  • a 50' length of garden hose
During my period of disenchantment with Freecycle I put a few things on the grass strip between the sidewalk and the actual street in front of my house. Folks picked up:
  • two coffee urns
  • a vanity top
  • pink venetian blinds that don't go with our current decor but went with someone else's
  • a mailbox
  • a disassembled cabinet
Now I've made up 33 bundles of Mardi Gras beads and offered them on Freecycle. Once they're gone I'll have a wooden milk crate for storing other things.

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