Friday, November 27, 2009

Early Morning Decluttering

In the last few weeks I've been waking shortly after 6 am and, rather than "sleep in", I've been getting up and spending an hour or so decluttering various spots in the house:
  • the bookcase in the bedroom - got rid of 8 books
  • the bookcase at the head of the stairs - got rid of a dozen books
  • the stack of books beside my bed -- I now had space for 2/3 of the books in the above two bookcases
  • the bookcase in the back storage room - more than twenty books and I rearranged books to have one shelf free for other storage; also got rid of a lot of extra travel mugs that have been superceded by "better" models (much less plastic)
  • the rest of the back room - got rid of a travel iron, a crate of Mardi Gras beads, a box a tent shelter came in, a wooden display rack, moved and went through a desk pull-drawer set
  • the cellar - got rid of a waffle iron, rice cooker, and tea kettle
  • the main attic - took out a lot of scrap wood stored up there and barn boards when we beefed up the insulation; also found a folding desk that we removed all the hardware from
  • upstairs bathroom - got rid of a lot of travel size products, some samples, and some things I never use
None of the stuff I listed ended up in the land fill. I Freecycled much it, donated some to an alternate library, and some stuff to the Diabetes Society. The lumber all went into shed storage for spring and summer projects. A lot of people were very happy to take the stuff we had around gathering dust.

It's a great way to start the day.

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