Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mid-November Scrounge

It's been a while since I made the rounds of the recycle boxes in my neighborhood. Christmas is coming and my jar stock is low, so that was my primary objective this week.

It's also been a dry, sunny week. There's frost in the morning on everything, but the sun warms things. That we've moved into daylight saving time means it's light out at 7 am again, so that makes scrounging easier too. Though I got five bags of leaves for my garden (few leaves fall in my yard) the night before -- and they were a super find since the leaves in four of the bags were already chopped up and I had to run my electric mower over only one bag of them.

I went out with a couple of bags and came back with 4 quart jars, 4 three-quarter quart Mason jars, a pint Mason jar, a jam jar, and a face cream jar (love those for my homemade body sugars!). I also found a large wire basket of the sort you find in freezers -- too big for mine but still a great bin for all sorts of things -- and a lime green Starfrit frying pan. I'm divided between keeping the pan for myself or filling it with something like the ingredients for a paella for a sprightly gift.

Not a bad haul at all!

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