Saturday, December 11, 2010

Doing a Door-crasher

Today (a Saturday) Staples here in Canada had a door-crasher on 500 GB external portable drives for $40 (25-30 per store) and netbooks for $150 (25-30 per store). I went to the farmer's market and then made my way over to Staples at 8 am.

There was a good cluster of folks there already and I saw my neighbor Sherry there. She had commandeered a teenage friend of one of her kids to join the line with her so she could get two netbooks (there was a "one per family" limit). She'd driven by the store at 5 am and seen 4 people there, so she went home for some breakfast and then came back. She'd already made a Tim Horton's run and gotten a box of Timbits for the crowd of about 20.

We gabbed about a bunch of things so the time went fairly quickly. At least it was 1 degree above freezing (Centigrade) rather than the -15 C it'd been throughout the week in the mornings. Sherri's feet were still getting cold though. I was wearing my Blundstons and doing fine. That's what she want to get; another friend of hers swears by them as well.

About ten to 9 they passed out coupons for the drives and netbooks. Though people were clumped around the door, we all knew who had been there first and things were really orderly (that's how Canadians are!).

Once I had my coupon, I went to my car and had some of my coffee. Then I went inside and one clerk had a stack of drives at her register so people who just wanted those could go through the line fairly quick.

The shiny black drive is sitting on my desk now waiting for hookup to I can transfer stuff from the 320 GB drive to it. The 320 drive then becomes my private storage drive and the 90 GB drive I was using for storage and backup will be dedicated to backups (and consequently not hooked up and running all the time).

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