Friday, December 31, 2010

How I Did "Anyway" in December

Domestic Infrastructure - these are the realities of home life, including making your home work better with less, getting organized, dealing with domestic life, etc...

  • finishing the plastic on the crawl space insulation - not done
  • sealing up the cellar foundation - begun; 1/4 done
  • sealing up windows in the two storage areas off the kitchen - not done
  • de-clutter and organize art and craft storage - begun
  • curtains on the windows of one room for sound-proofing and heat retention - done!

Household Economy: Financial goals, making ends meet, saving, barter etc...

  • selling off a Les Paul guitar that hubby doesn't use much (ad posted) - awaiting final sale
  • starting a monthly savings plan for charitable donations - done
  • starting a monthly savings plan for travel funds - done

Resource Consumption : in which we use less of stuff, and strive to live in a way that has an actual future.

  • Christmas baking using what I have on hand or have canned - done
  • batch cooking - done - see post
  • walking for shopping and volunteer work (use car as little as possible) - done

Cottage Industry and Subsistence:: The things we do that prevent us from needing to buy things, and the things we produce that go out into the world and provide for others. Not everyone will do both, but it is worth encouraging.

  • making some heat bags for gifts - done
  • Christmas baking and preserves for Christmas gifts - done
I also made some reusable bags and tags as a gift enclosing a gift.

Family and Community: Pretty much what it sounds like. How do we enable those to take the place of collapsing infrastructure?

  • teaching a celiac neighbor how to make no-knead gluten-free bread - done - see post

Outside Work: Finding a balance, doing good work, serving the larger community as much as we can, within our need to make a living.

  • volunteer work with Peterborough Greenup's Urban Forest project (GIS mapping and data analysis) - on-going

Time and Happiness: Those things without which there's really no point.

  • Nordic walking to enjoy whatever sunshine we have this month and get fresh air - done
  • fiction reading (second-hand or borrowed books) - done
  • making digital photo collages of our year's travels for our scrapbook - 5 done
  • plan some future art collage work - done and have gotten into doing Zentangles as well (which I can use in the collages)

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